This website is named after AHMED SANNY.

I make stories in my way. It doesn’t matter who am I or who you are. But it is a matter what I am saying or what I’m gonna say to show you. And, it is not free.


This website is named after HIM

So, who is AHMED SANNY?

He is –

  • A Scientist (according to postgraduate academic research in experimental physics)
  • An Engineer (has an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronic engineering but already brock up)
  • A Philosopher (talks too much boring kinds of stuff like religion, history, culture, civilization, ethics, logic, etc. then criticize like a critic)
  • An Explainer (he loves teaching)
  • A Writer (author of future articles & many published articles, and a Si-Fi book though he thinks it needs rewording)
  • A Public Speaker (as it is mentioned before, he talks too much, sometimes it entertains audiences)
  • A Consultant (can cool down his girlfriend)
  • A Photographer (he uses cameras and post elsewhere)
  • A Graphic Designer (because he cannot draw
  • A Reader (a lie, used to read a lot, now over picky and gives an excuse of time)

Overall he is an Interesting Character

Ahmed Sanny
A Native Internet User

In case you want to get a shock without an electrical socket, check out his blog & post activities – down below. Anyway, you can find him a bit showing off.

Ahmed Sanny's Height (m)
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Still, want to know him more?

Click the social media buttons. Ask him what do you want? But do not think he replies instant.  

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