Blaming religions for divination is pointless.

“Humans are equal, religions create divisions among their equality”.
This popular statement is not incorrect but inappropriate.
I, through in my early young age, was devoted to this idea. However, by now, the idea is demolished. Unfortunately, I see many young and
old folks keep their belief in it, and feel happy to blame religion for the equality break separation.
But the reality is different.
Throughout history – this is us – have cultivated the divisions and inequalities.
From the very beginning, we haven’t accepted equality. We, intentionally or unintentionally, have wanted to be the best among others by riding off various social aspects. Hereby, we have created classes, religions and belief systems to divide ourselves from others just to represent ourselves best among others. Then, we glorify our religions for the divisions, cause, we intend to glorify ourselves over others. We have entitled other believers as sinful. Although, glorifying the divisions as a divine – is our biggest sinful practice.
Thereafter, we have been using religions as a cutting knife-like tool from the dawn of human
civilizations. Time to time, we have inserted the inequality elements inside our belief systems. We are still doing so and making it shaper.
It is important to realise, those want inequality, use religions to crack down the equality using the sharp emotional edge of the religion. We often call them fundamentalist. The people, those are liberal to the equality, are called not-true-followers by those fundamentalist and inequality-believer mass peoples.
“Religions do not divide peoples, we divide peoples by creating religion-based divisions by naming it as a divine”.
Thereby, Indeed, blaming religions for divination is pointless.


Ahmed Sanny

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