Inescapable Islamic immaturity against EVOLUTION

I have grown up in a country where Muslims (people those belief in the religion of Islam). Where Muslims do hate science because it is against their religion. But how is it against their religion? Because science talks about the evolution which directly goes against their fundamental beliefs on the creation of human. They do not bother about any logic or scientific facts, they simply laugh like a very wise man who knows everything, and ends up with a decision – evolution is just a theory which is falsified many years before.

A couple of numbers of popular Islamic celebrity like Zakir Nayek, who is an Indian Islamic televangelist, promote by seeding this kind of immature nonsense ignorance among general people. His though and general peoples though can be understood from Zakir Nayek’s question-answering session.

Popular believe of Evolution in the Islamic community, presented by a popular promoter Zakir Nayek among Muslim community.

Sometimes, this kind of speaker faced a logical argumentation and then they run away by pointing opponent immature. Interestingly, they do not know it is their own immaturity. Actually, they cannot realize it as like their followers do same.

Scientist and Science make Zakir Naik type people and the follower storm off stage exactly like this. Apart from this, it has been seen people get into attacking mode and try to attack physically while they are in debate.

On the other hand, there are a few numbers of Muslim schooler try to convince fellow Muslims to accept the real fact. Unfortunately, they are not popular as like Zakir Nayek, they cannot access a wide range of people. I believe it is because people are not well trained to realize the difference between reasoning, wisdom, and nonsense.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi, a rare Muslim who is explaining the facts of the evolution from his religious point of view.

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