DIY: Rectify Your Fabric Made Facemask

Surgical masks are not available. They are “out of stock” everywhere. Hence, we use fabric made face-masks. Fabric masks are stylish but not efficient against smaller size (micro to nanoscale) dust or some viruses like COVID-19. 

A fabric-mask contains a gap between fabrics. Unfortunately, it cannot filter out tiny and deadly substances from letting inside our nose and mouth. 

You can gaze into this photo to identify the inefficiency. Due to the enormous gaps between fabric lines, it is transparent. Hereby, it is not useful.

Hence, those of us, using this type of musk, is nothing but not protective against COVID-19.

However, there is a way to rectify the problem. We need to follow the steps.

1. Take your fabric made face mask


2. Take a piece of soft fabric and cut according to the shape of your face mask


3. Sewing the extra fabric on the backside of your mask, but keep both sides open as demonstrated in the image


4. Take a piece of tissue paper


5. Insert the tissue paper after folding one or two times throw the side openings



6. Wear it before going out (only when it is extremely important)

NOTE: I am certainly not sure how you can hold the mask on your nose if your nose is unexceptionally flat like my sister (in the last image).


Tiny substances and hazardous molecules can’t pass-throw the tissue paper, particularly if we make two to three layers by folding it. It can filter out nano-scale substances.

The most exciting part is, after coming from outside, we can simply throw away the tissue paper and replace it with another one. Thereby, it is economical too. Just retrieve to wash fabric face masks before every next use.

Ahmed Sanny

“Thanks to Sanzida Shanta and Rima Monica for sewing and sending me photos.”

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