Coaching, conducting, counseling 

Workshop and Training

Conducting workshop and training is a passionate journey for me. To me, a workshop session, high impactful within a short period, is the most effective way to educate peoples and students.

I have mentored thousand over students from various schools to universities and academic to general persona.

A few mentionable institutes are:

In Malaysia: the University of Science, Malaysia (USM), Science Bridge Academy, Universal Hua Xia International School.

In Bangladesh: Bangladesh Astronomical Society, Notre Dame College, Rajshahi Teacher Training Institute, University of Dhaka, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, and many more.

Event Supports

Photography and Graphic Design

Event Photography, to frame the valuable memories, should be trendy, and Personal Photography should be glamorous.

I, to do so, become an expert on Graphic Design along with my traditional camera-based Photography. It is now a part of photography and highly required to modify images to publish web-based platforms. I love to provide such supports willingly without being tired.
I have been working on this field since 2013.
Many of my photo-work have become viral contents – some of them published in newspapers, magazines and books.
Samples will be found in Flicker and Instagram.

Content Management

Online Content Making and Design

Countless contents are everywhere online. We require more content – every day. Thereby, we need to come up with new content frequently. So, I have worked with many international companies to make contents for the advertisement to engage peoples. And, I find this is a task full of fun and experimental excitements. However, interestingly, this assignment contains no rules – wiring words to making images – making advertisement for building up brands. It can be anything. Thereafter, it is thrilling.

I do like to help to make the advertisement and social media contents, graphic, logo design, and modification.

Associate Supports 

Translation and Linguistic

Obviously, I have been mused by the most versatile experiences after associating with the IMPACTT (UK). The work, which contains bi-lingual engagement between Bengali-English users, is related to social auditing. I learn to gaze into the linguistic barrier in a whole different way which enables me to rectify the information from problematic inescapable convergences.


Native user: Bengali Language 

Fluent user: English 

I’ll appreciate your direct contact with me through email regarding your requirements. You are highly welcomed. My email address:

Ahmed Sanny

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