Things to think about myself

Making cash notes flyaway is a persistent habit of mine. Today I lost some awkwardly. I wondered I had no cash at the time of paying bills after eating from a street shop. It’s just a street shop, so there is no paying by card or online system. Totally, an inescapable awkward moment.

The old lady shopkeeper was friendly, gazed at me nicely, suggested me to go to an ATM to bring cash, and asked me not to worry. So, the issue has been settled.

As far as I can recall, I probably threw my money to a dustbin mistakenly together with some junk papers. Ironically, right before the incident, I took off that money from an ATM for going to the street shop.

Now, it is a matter of calculation. The amount I lost here and there throughout my whole life- if I could keep those, then I could marry at least twice by using those.

Hereafter, I am going back and trying to figure out – for which reason I should be sad – losing money here and there or not being able to get married at least twice?

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