Voice Of A Silent Whispering

Voice Of A Silent Whisper 

This is my fault you are free,
all my hopes are not in Pandora’s box.
I am now
on the way to make
a new box, a box of no hopes.

Three wise men come every night
they look at the star, whispering;
May all kings fall down before him.
They talk about god’s son.
I do not listen to them.
A pilgrim then come from dearest,
he talks about messages, he is a messenger.
I refuse to listen to him.

I see no beliefs, whenever I see believes,
the bravery has taken place with a silent shout,
consequences of chaos made our history from stories.
A self-created creator’s emotions only left inside me and inside the box.
I created myself as my creator, so you are free.
This is my fault; you are free.

by Ahmed Sanny

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